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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Sprout Pilot?

  • Mercy Corps Agrifin, who is leading the design of Sprout, and KALRO who is implementing and hosting Sprout have invited a limited number of key content creation partners and content user (distribution) partners to test the Sprout Open Content Platform and provide feedback. 
  • What is the goal of the Pilot? The purpose is for get feedback so we can learn and improve the Platform before its general release.
  • Can my organization offer content for the Pilot? Let’s talk! Contact us here.
  • Can my organization join the Pilot to use the content? Let’s talk! Contact us here.
  • How long is the Pilot? It’s planned for about 3 months.

Does Sprout Serve Farmers Directly?

  • No. The Sprout Open Content Agriculture Platform is designed for organizations to use. It’s designed for content creators to offer high quality digital content and services to share with content users  also known as content distributor organizations who can reach farmers at scale.
  • The one exception is Sprout Learning, the Whatsapp for Business service. It’s Sprout’s intent to offer Sprout Learning to content users/distributors who will then offer it to their farmers and other actors in the value chain. They can also choose to take advantage of the specific farmer journeys and upload them on their own Whatsapp for Business lines. Learn more about Sprout Learning here.

What Types of Content Sharing Agreements are Used on Sprout?

  • Sprout is the open platform where Content Creators and Content Distributors meet to exchange digital-ready, farmer-friendly content that they can use as is or contextualize for the smallholder farmers and other actors in the agriculture value chain they serve. Our goal is to make it as fast and easy as possible to share and use content that enables the content to reach farmers at scale, to build their capacity, resilience and income earning opportunities. Sprout has adopted the Creative Commons framework for content sharing. Creative Commons  offers content creators free, easy-to-use copyright licenses that provide a simple, standardized way to give permission to share and use content creators' creative work based on conditions of the content creators choice.

  • You can read through all of the Creative Commons content sharing licenses here.