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Sprout Learning

Sprout is now offering Sprout Learning, a free WhatsApp service that is available on Whatsapp in Kenya in English. 

Sprout Learning is aimed at smallholder farmers, offering rich media learning journeys via WhatsApp ranging from managing livestock & crops, to new technologies & climate smart techniques to how to access, use and manage financial services.

IMPORTANT: While Sprout Learning has been designed for farmers and other actors in the value chain, our goal is for organizations to use Sprout Learning to share with their farmers at scale. We are not targeting end-users and not marketing to end-users directly.


Try Sprout Learning

Here is the main menu and you can try Sprout Learning by clicking here or by adding +254 711 943 939 to your contacts in Whatsapp. 



How Can My Organization Use Sprout Learning?

There are several options for your organization to use Sprout Learning:

  • You can offer specific content by using a Wame Link. Here is an example for Irish Potatoes: [coming soon!]
  • You can send farmers directly to Sprout Learning to explore and learn. They will receive a menu based on their phone number country code.
  • If your organization has WhatsApp for Business API, you may request that these menus be ported to your Whatsapp, where you can add them to your menu and edit/contextualize them for your farmers as long as you follow the content creators sharing agreement. Contact us to request content for your Whatsapp for business API menu.

To see the entire range of content on the Sprout Learning service, go here and enter “Whatsapp”.

Additional Service information

Sprout learning has been designed by Mercy Corps Agrifin, has been developed by KALRO and is hosted by KALRO / We will be expanding language and country access over time. 

  • To access Sprout Learning, you or your farmers must be using a Whatsapp number registered with a Kenya country code.
  • Access Sprout Learning Terms of Use here.
  • Are you interested in learning more? Contact us here.