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Additional Product Terms

When you create an Account, you're given access to lots of different features and products that are all a part of the Service. Because many of these features and products offer different functionality, they may require additional terms and conditions specific to that feature or product. Below, we've listed those features and products, along with the corresponding additional terms that apply to your use of them.

Your use of the Service is subject to your applicable terms (the "Terms"). By using additional products and features, you also agree to these Additional Product Terms. Any violation of the Additional Product Terms is a violation of the Agreement. Capitalized terms not defined in the Additional Product Terms will have the meaning given to them in the Agreement.


  1. Sprout Learning Whatsapp for Business (“Sprout Learning”)
    1. Sprout Learning is offered to Users as a content service they may provide to smallholder farmers and other actors in the agriculture value chain (“Farmers”) for the purpose of learning. Sprout Learning content and Content Licenses are documented on Sprout
    2. Sprout Learning is directly accessible by WhatsApp. 
    3. When you offer Sprout content via Sprout Learning Whatsapp for your Farmers, you agree to follow all of the content Acceptable Use Policies.