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How to Search and Download Content

 1.0 Introduction - what is Sprout?

Sprout, the Open Content for Agriculture Platform, is a centralized database where farmer friendly, digital ready, agronomic content on a wide range of information related to agriculture best practices can be accessed by farmer facing organizations to use. It is contextualized for the farmers they serve at scale to build smallholder farm capacity and resilience in order to build sustainable agriculture.

1.2 How to search for content

There are two options on how to search for content:

  1. On the Sprout Home Page go to “Explore Content” and you can click on the value chain you are interested in. 
  2. Under the top level menu Content, all Sprout content is indexed with relevant tags. Click “Content” on the menu bar on the Home page. This will redirect you to the main content page where all value chains are displayed. To search for a particular piece of content, simply type what you need on the “Search” bar at the top of this page. E.g. if you are searching for sunflower content from KALRO, type  ‘sunflower KALRO’ and this should bring you all the content tagged under Sunflower KALRO.

1.3 How to view content

After following any of the two steps outlined in section 1.2, click on the header of the content you wish to view. This should direct you to a summary page of the content which outlines the organization website, the contact lead’s name & information. These are to be used in case further clarifications are needed.

1.4 How to download content

For most of the content available on Sprout, you will need to create an account and login in order to download it. 

If you don’t have a Sprout account, click on “Register” on the right side of the top menu bar of the Sprout website. Select your username, email address and the password which you will access the Sprout website with.

If you have a Sprout account, select the “LogIn” option on the top menu bar. Key in your Sprout username and password and the click login.

After logging in, search for and select the content you would like to download. Click ‘Download’ to get the content file on your computer.

1.5 Learn About Content Sharing Licenses  

As a content user, you must comply with the content sharing license that the content creator has assigned for the content you plan to use. To learn more, please read Sprout Terms and the Content Sharing License sections of this site.