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Tags: Dairy

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  • Climate Smart Dairy Farming Videos from Mediae


    These are short educational video clips produced by the Mediae company and supported by Mercy Corps Agrifin. The videos outline topics including planting fodder, making silage,...
  • Artificial Insemination Content from KALRO


    Content on artificial insemination (AI) for cows which includes how to identify when AI is needed and steps to follow when artificailly inseminating a cow.
  • Infertility in Dairy Cows Content


    This is content on the diagnosis and management of infertility in Dairy cows. It covers hereditary, disease and physiological issues that cause infertility as well as...
  • Crop & Livestock Content for Vodacom Tanzania


    This is custom SMS developed for Vodacom Tanzania. It contains sunflower, cotton, cashew nut, sesame, cocoa, sisal and dairy cow content in Kiswahili and/or English. This...
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