Climate Smart Dairy Farming Videos from Mediae

These are short educational video clips produced by the Mediae company and supported by Mercy Corps Agrifin. The videos outline topics including planting fodder, making silage, feeding, housing and hay. They are available in both English and Kiswahili.To download the clips, login and click to download. To watch on YouTube, click any of the links below. 1. Dairy Cows - Housing(Proper housing to keep your cows healthy and producing well) Eng Swa 2. Dairy Cows - Feeding (What to feed you cow and how much) Eng Swa 3. Dairy - Planting Fodder(Setting up a nursery for fodder grasses) Eng Swa 4. Dairy - Making Hay(How to make and store hay) Eng Swa 5. Dairy - Making Silage(Prepare for the dry season by making silage) Eng Swa

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